About the author

Peter Estrop is a mental toughness expert, deputy manager, basketball coach, and devoted husband. Born and raised in Gdansk, Poland, during Martial Law, Peter grew up during communist rule when people had to queue for days just to get a loaf of bread. Peter has lived with adversity for most of his life—overcoming a house fire, a serious fall aged 2 that almost killed him, living in a 3×3 meter storage room, and saving his friend from committing suicide.

Since his early years, Peter has always been active in sport. Sport has had a significant impact on his life—first as a player, then as a coach, and now as a mental toughness expert. At various times, he has been a player and coach, an expert and a fan. In his younger days, he spent his time analysing and comparing the mentality of sports and business people. Now, this is both his hobby and his life. As a mental toughness expert, Peter has read many books about the vital role of mental toughness in business and sport. He watches the best players and analyses their decision-making (how they think, what they do or don’t do).

He has spent much time talking to true champions, great business leaders such as Dennis Hogan, (Managing Director of Compass Group UK & Ireland) and sports players such as Rafael Nadal, David Beckham, Kobe Bryant, Rudy Fernandez, Andriej Kirilenko, Marat Safin, Guillermo Coria, Gustavo Kuerten, Jimmy Connors, and more. He has also been involved with teams and coaches such as David Blatt (Lebron James’ former coach and Cleveland Cavaliers’ coach) and Peter Lundgren (Roger Federer’s coach).

As an individual, he is committed to developing unstoppable mental toughness. Before writing this book, he climbed the tallest mountain in Poland, met the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, completed a management academy, and served the Queen of the United Kingdom. While Peter has worked in many jobs, being a mental toughness expert is his favourite job, as he thrives on helping people to build mental toughness as the key to success.

Peter loves people, travelling, and … coffee. He combines all three in his passion of gaining knowledge about sport by travelling to sports events and business seminars worldwide. Peter’s unique knowledge and experience enables him to help others understand what it takes to reach their goals. With Peter’s experience and knowledge about mental toughness, he believes he can help many people make their dreams become reality.

He has come a long way to where he is now—from impossible to possible. He knows that obstacles are there for a reason and if his road to become an expert in mental toughness was easy, then it would not last. Every struggle he has faced in his life has shaped him into the person he is today. His aim is to rise by lifting others. Sometimes, people get knocked down lower than they have ever been, but with mental toughness, they can stand back up taller than they ever were. Peter is truly an example of this, and with his passion, he can help you enjoy your life fully.